Brazilian Cars

Asterisk * represents pics below

Renault markets not only its Clio, Megane and Fluence, but also the bargain-brand Dacia (Duster, Logan, Sandero) models in Brazil along with the emerging-markets–only Symbol*. Peugeot markets most of its models, along with the local Hoggar* a pickup (ute) version of its little 207 model.  General Motors has a mixed range of vehicles, which includes the Omega (Australian Commodore, badge-engineered, built at Elizabeth in South Australia) and Camaro, along with the Celta/Prisma and Agile* (locally developed Brazilian models based on old GM-group Corsa technology and built for Latin American markets since 2001 and 2009 respectively) and Cobalt (local model, introduced in 2011).   Fordhad a mix of mainly North American cars and utes, but the Ecosport* was a local product, sold into the South American market. Its first generation (2003-11) was designed in the US and was consistently one of the best-selling vehicles in Brazil. It has competed against the Fiat Palio Weekend adventure and VW Crossfox* (produced in Brazil for Latin America).

2009 Renault Symbol

VW Cross Fox


2011 Peugeot Hoggar

Chevrolet Agile 2010

Ford Ecosport 2011(old model)



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